The Rise of the Where Is Lars movement.

How one single question changed everything for Lars.

Once upon a time, a few weeks after university started in the little Estonian City Tartu, a few foreigners gathered in a WhatsApp group to fulfill their inner whish of making friends and develop strong friendships. Since they were from France, Spain, India, Italy and Germany, it was a real international gathering and therefore the group was called Tartu International Gang. Since most of them were studying at the UT – University of Tartu the group fastly baecame rather famous and almost 250 students joined.

Not long after that the first real life partys began to unfold and students from all over the world exchanged their evening plans in that very group. Simple students became party people and party people became friends with each other. Unfortunately a few of the drank a little too much alcohol at Möku, Shooters or Naive, the three main party locations apart from the well known and frequently visited Saphire Club. Those party people and friends who have had a few too many drinks were not able anymore to exchange contact details.

Therefore one morning every single international student in Tartu woke up to a message from Tim. Tim had one question. One mission. One goal:

The german guy?
Text me pls 🙆‍♀️😃

~ Tim

The hunting season was opened. Soon the messages rumbled over one another. Lars? LARS? Has anyone seen Lars?

Luckily there were a few german guys in the International Gang who quickly recognized their deed. To find Lars. And to find him quickly. The investigation group Maltreff was born.

Nowaday as everyone has social media accounts, the first word was spread on instagram. The best way to get people connected and to give them something to live for was creating an Instagram account. @whereislars was born.

But clearly this was not enough. To also get humans not entirely living in the spheres of social media involved they needed posters. But what good are posters if you forget the main reason for which we are all here in Tartu. To find friends and create strong friendships Maltreff set up an online-store to full fill ones special needs with cups and sweatshirts. To also make the search a little easier, you had to have something for your ears. „Lars!“ is now an official Spotify-Playlist exclusively created for the purpose of finding Lars.

In order to make it much easier for everyone, all the links are available at the the linktree:

Help the Maltreff to help find Lars to help Tim. Spread the word wherever you can. Become a Larseeker.

Find Lars. Find Friends. Find Love.

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  1. Unbelievable. I heard about this movement from a friend. I study in Mumbai and we will keep our eyes open and continue to search for Lars!

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